Running Lab

Have you wanted to be a better runner? Or just begin running? Have you wished that you’d love running?

You don’t have to just “want” or “dream” – Now you can BE a better runner with our Running Lab Program.

Research has shown that beginning runners who have a relatively pleasant first experience are much more likely to still be running 6 months later, rather than beginners who are miserable in their first workout. So it’s important to do whatever it takes to make running as enjoyable as you can make it when you’re just starting out.

Recover Faster

Learn advanced recovery techniques and what appropriate rest really looks, so that you can recovery quickly and reduce pain.

Enjoy Running

Get to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you can maximize your results and enjoyment of running with fewer injuries.

Stride Efficiently

Discover your ideal stride length determined by your functional flexibility and strength to support a steady, powerful pelvis and hips, which increases your running distance in fewer steps.

Be Faster

Create a schedule of training and recovery that enhances efficiency for your whole body, so that your movement becomes most efficient and economical.

Protect Your Feet

Determine which shoe is best for you…weight, cushioning, support, shape, orthotics…We factor in your body weight, mileage, past history, and foot type. Having the right shoe protects you from injury, foot pain, hip pain, and low back pain.

Train For Success

Your physical therapist will walk you through the entire process, take a thorough history and evaluation, perform a biomechanical assessment, walking and running video analysis, a hands-on treatment where needed and co-create a sustainable program with you to follow through on your own. If you’re a runner of any kind, you need this service!

Contact us to schedule your running lab evaluation and start the process of becoming the runner you’ve always wanted to be!

Running Lab Details:

  • Multi-view running analysis
  • Access to detailed running video clip with a review of pertinent findings
  • Full Orthopedic exam to assess strength, balance, and flexibility
  • Training goals and race planning
  • Effective strength training strategies to incorporate into training for injury prevention and performance improvement
  • Proper nutrition for endurance athletes, before, during, and after exercise


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