Dr. Ryan Hastie
Dr. Hastie is a lifelong athlete who was raised in Salinas, CA. He played football, basketball and track at Palma High School, and went on to play football at the University of Oregon and Auburn University as a fullback. He’s no stranger to the rigors of sport, injury, and rehabilitation, and his history as a collegiate athlete has given him a unique perspective that he brings with him to the clinic.

Ryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science from California State University, Monterey Bay and went on to earn the Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree from California State University, Fresno. His interest in manual therapy led him to present a Doctoral thesis titled, “The effects of thoracic manipulation on pain and disability in patients with mechanical neck pain.”

He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is trained in soft tissue mobilization and spinal manipulation. As a former athlete, he understands the physical demands placed on athletes and is able to incorporate sport-specific training into rehabilitation programs. Ryan recently completed Level I certification through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) to help golfers improve their mobility and enable pain-free movement on the course.

Ryan has a great local family and generational friends here in the Salinas Valley, and if he’s not out enjoying a round of golf, hitting it hard in the gym, or hiking, he’d love to see you in the clinic!