Dr. Devesh Digwal
Having struggled with health issues during childhood, Dr. Digwal slowly began to incline towards exercise and nutritional sciences as he grew up. His childhood experiences and interest in playing Cricket gradually preparing him to pursue a career in sports medicine. Becoming a physical therapist has allow Devesh to combine his passion for exercise and sports.

He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy under the aegis of the prestigious Delhi University, India. His love, passion and enthusiasm for exercise and nutritional sciences drove Dr. Digwal to the United States to further his professional career. He completed his Master’s in Exercise and Sports Sciences from Texas Tech University. During his time in Texas, he had the opportunity to teach exercise and yoga classes in the REC Center. After completing his master’s program and gaining more work experience, he earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from TTUHSC. Physical therapy has broadened Devesh’s knowledge and understanding about exercise and related principles. What he finds most fascinating about physical therapy is that we can avoid/cure health-related issues using exercise and movement principles without the need of medication. His goal is to convey this message to everyone and to use his professional knowledge to help others not only achieve their functional goals, but to use exercise and physical therapy principles in other areas of their life.

In his spare time, Devesh enjoys working out, learning new exercises, going hiking-biking, spending time in nature, cooking, watching documentaries, and watching cricket, tennis and other sports.